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Snorkeling Tour from Canakkale / Eceabat

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While the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915 is best known for the seven months of fighting on land, it should also be remembered that the campaign began as a naval conflict, ended with a retreat by the Allies back across the beaches they had landed on in April and that from the sea came all the supplies needed by the soldiers in the trenches.

Crowded House’s daily snorkelling tour opens a window on this less well known aspect of the Gallipoli Campaign, giving visitors the chance to see another side of the history of 1915.

Snorkelling tour itinerary is as follows:
We will drive to the ANZAC Commemorative Site at North Beach and snorkel over the wreck of the British steamer Milo, which was sunk in October 1915 to form a breakwater for William’s Pier, just to the north.

The Milo also played a part in the last act of the fighting in the Anzac sector, serving as part of a jetty used by troops during the evacuation in late December.

When snorkelling over the Milo or swimming back to the beach, make sure you look up at the hills rising up from the coast, the view you see is much the same as the scene the first diggers had when they landed on April 25.

The Milo is around 75 meters off shore and lies in three to six metres of water. Apart from the history on show, the Milo is also a living aquarium, with many local fish and even lobsters having made the wreck their home.

The tour returns to Eceabat at around 11:30, giving you the opportunity to link up with our daily tour of the Anzac battlefields that departs every afternoon, letting you see the campaign from both the land and sea perspectives.

Our snorkelling tour departs from Crowded House’s main office in Eceabat at 09:00, and we advise you arrive 15 minutes early so we can fit you with the right size flippers and equipment. You will need to take your swimming suit and towel, and we advise you bring thongs/jandles/flip flops and sun cream.

For those visitors staying in Çanakkale, we can also arrange for you to be picked up at your hotel and taken to the 8:00am ferry to Eceabat, where you will be met at the wharf and accompanied to our main office.

Travel advice
If you want to join our snorkelling tour, you need to be fit enough to swim the 75 metres out to the wreck and back.

Highlights of the tour:
Swimming over the wreck of the Milo, a ship that played an important role in supporting the Allied troops ashore
Having the unique chance to see the Anzac battlefields from the sea, just as those New Zealand and Australian troops did as they came ashore.

09.00 Snorkeling at ANZAC Cove
Drive to ANZAC Cove. We supply you fins and masks. Skin diving to WW1 ship wreck at 3 – 4 metres.
12.00 Drive back to Eceabat, shower at Hotel Crowded House

  • Transportation in A/C ‘NO – SMOKING’ vehicle,
  • Masks and fins


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